Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I know, I know it is April and not October. But to be honest, it might as well be October today, the weather is so horrible. I got soaked and very cold on the school run this morning, I had to dry my hair and change my socks when I finally got back home. Miss Strawberry Shortcake was so wet when she got to pre-school that we had to change her trousers. And Mr Cars was pushed the pram on the way to school but his hands were freezing so he stopped, for someone who is never ever cold! Anyway, perfect weather to snuggle under a quilt with a good book or do find some time to stitch! Now back to the subject, Halloween!
Well I have finished paper piecing my own little witch. I used a pattern from the Spellbinding Quilts book by Maaike Bakker to make it. I also used the same colour combination she used in the book. She described it as the shadow of a witch flying in front of a fire and I liked the idea. My block will now flying over to Diane for her to add a border.

Last week, I received Diane's gorgeous witch and when I saw it, I knew I add some perfect fabric to add a border. The cats and pumpkin fabric is just the same colourway as Diane's witch while adding a hint of purple. I didn't want to take the focus of her witch so I decided to have the cats and pumpkin looking at the witch flying past them from 2 sides of the picture only and I framed the other 2 sides with a almost solid orange I had in my stash. Well now I hope Diane likes what I have done with her block. I will send it back to her to add the next border.

And because I am useless at resisting a swap or else (you know by now if you have read this post with the giveaway - there is still time to enter and I need more than 2 entries really!), I signed up for BeeWeave or Not! on Flicker. I started making a block last night (only one quarter done so far) but I hope this is the right "spring" colourway for Melanie not that it looks anything like spring outside here really...



  1. OOH! I LOVE both witches!!
    Hopefully the broomsticks wont stall with all this rain and I can have my turn soon xx

  2. I love your witch. Honestly I have yet to try paper piecing myself, too much already on my plate, but I would so love to make something like this. And I love your border on Diane's witch too. I know that I am going to love all of these Halloween minis so much that I'm going to want to steal them for myself.LOL


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