Friday, 13 July 2012

Swaps, blocks, bees and challenges

I think I am officially addicted to Flicker and of course, I can't help but want to join in a new bee, swap or challenge. So just a round up of the latest one you can also jump in if you wish.

If you have some UFOs piling up in your sewing room and want to get motivated to pick them up, why not join the Lazy Bums where we will play game starting with a bingo card to pick which UFO to work on each month. There will even be a duelling apparently. We are a small group so far so I believe there is still place to play. Check out May's blog for more details.

Have you seen the Polaroid pictures that everyone seem to be in at the moment. Well, if you want to join the fun, there is a swap currently running on Flicker with a mailing date of 15 August. Go and check A Polaroid block swap. I have started to make a few with some fabric I had in my stash and they come together quickly if you chain-piece.

Of course, the Super Mario quilt along is on now. Angela has just posted the first block (Super Mario) with very detailed instructions. I received my fabric for the quilt earlier this week so as soon as I have finished my overdue Basket Weave blocks, I'll start cutting my tiny little squares.

If you are feeling "graphic" and are in love with all the black and white fabrics out at the moment (think Makower), then maybe you want to join the Bee White Black, starting Round 2 soon.

Well maybe it is enough for me for now.... I better get sewing soon.


  1. Ha! I stay away from Flickr as much as possible except for my own page. Very dangerous place. I have enough on my To Make list already. It will be very interesting to see what you come up with.

  2. Hi, I am in the Lazy Bum group also and am looking at everyone's blogs. I wanted to join your blog, but can't find anywhere to join. Am I overlooking it? I enjoyed reading and looking at everything. Thanks for the fun!

  3. Hi, I was able to follow your blog. I found where to join. I just missed it the first time. Okay, now I am a follower and will read your blog. It's nice and fun to read. Thanks for all the work you put into it!

  4. I know joining can be addicting but I find flickr and all the virtual friends and inspiration pretty darn entertaining! Thanks for the links.

  5. oh my, you are going to be a busy little sewist!


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