Saturday, 28 June 2014

A problem and (hopefully) a solution

My A lovely year of finishes and Lazy Bums challenge for June was to make a quilt for my grand-Mum's 85th birthday (earlier in the month) with some floral blocks I collected a few years (2010-2011) back as part of a swap/BOM. My Grand-Mum doesn't go in the garden much anymore but she had a huge garden with plenty of flowers when she had her garden. She also lost her husband, my Grand-Dad earlier in the year after more than 65 years of marriage. So I am hoping my little quilt will cheer her up a little bit.

I got the blocks out (20 of them, 6.5' squares) and tried to figure out how to use them into a quilt.

Although I wasn't planning on a king-size quilt, I knew 20 x 6.5' squares weren't going to yield a big quilt, more a wall-hanging size. Of course I had scraps of fabric left but I wasn't sure how much. So I put my thinking cap on and decided that putting those blocks on point and finding some fillers would maybe work.

Because time is limited (but not the number of projects ;-)), I thought I had to keep it simple if I hoped to see that quilt finished any time soon.
So for the filler I decided on a box in a box (not sure about the "official" name of that block) using my most colourful fabric until I realised I wouldn't have enough for all the fillers!
So I made my fillers for the centre of the quilt with my most colourful fabric: 12 of them.

and 8 with another fabric for the sides and corners, planning to I then cut in half or quarter depending where the triangles are going

All the blocks together for this top:
So this is not finished of course and won't be by the end of June but I am so glad that I have got my blocks out, found a plan for my quilt and work on it. I am now planning to frame the centre with a narrow white strip before adding a "fancy" border but I need to first sit down and do the maths! My ulitmate goal to finish this is end of July when I should see my Grand-Mum so I'll try to keep at it and not bury it for another couple of years!

So that was another 20 blocks for the 350-blocks projects this month.
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  1. That looks great! I don't think I would have ever thought of that alternate block, but I really like it. I think I will put that idea away for later! lol

  2. I think it will look quite beautiful! All those white rectangles in diagonals make me think of a garden fence. Which goes well with your flowery fabrics. So, to me, you succeeded with your garden theme!

  3. Hey, Celine,
    Just found your Blog thru Ester Aliu link. I had not looked thru the Lazy Bum list at Blogs. Like the idea for this quilt with alternate block. Hope all is well with u, ginabeth


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