Friday, 26 December 2014

Swap jackpot!

Santa came yesterday but I have been spoiled already this month when I received 2 lovely parcels from my last swaps of the year. The first I received was the #jollyswap all the way from Monique in Australia. And I loved it of course. What could have been better than a bright and happy Christmas tree made of hexagons?

And Monique didn't stop there, she also embroidered this gorgeous zentangle(?) tree in a hoop for me.

Look at this gorgeous package she sent me. I am really happy with yet another amazing swap (I love the Santa on his surf on the card!).

The second was the #igminiswap. For this one, I had my eye on a gorgeous white and red star that Esther was showing and I was secretly hoping that it would land in my house (I even teased Esther a few times about it) so when I received this huge parcel and saw her name on it, I couldn't contain my joy. I am so so lucky, I have received the most gorgeous mini which fits so well in our living room (yes hubby had to stopped his TV program there and then to hang it straight away)

and the extras Esther send were so great too. Look at this pouch with a pocket and an Eiffel Tower lining

and the mini pin cushion on a ring, how clever is that!

Now you know why I can't stop myself signing for gorgeous swaps after gorgeous swaps!



  1. Dear Celine,
    congratulations on your beautiful swap gifts, they are precious indeed. Have lots of fun with them.


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