Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas is coming!

And our stocking are finally all ready...

Last week-end I went on fast sewing mode when I panicked realised that Miss Baby stocking was still "in planning", i.e. the pattern was picked but that was about it. And I needed to have it all machine-sewn by Sunday morning if it was to be done this year.... Anyway after a busy evening of cutting fabric pieces and fusing them to my stocking on Saturday night, I was too tired to continue at midnight and went to bed hoping it will be a quick and easy finish on Sunday.
After about 30 minutes of buzzing blanket stitching and changes thread about 4 times, I was ready for quilting, which I of course kept very simple!
before putting the stocking together. By midday, all I had left to do was sewing the binding by hand.
And by the evening, the stocking was finished. Love this little penguin peeking on the binding.

I am very good with deadlines pushing me to go go go.... but sometimes I really wonder why I don't get to my to do list earlier to avoid the last-minute rush. Anyway, Miss Baby now has a stocking too which she loved! We are ready Santa, you can come and fill those 3 big stockings.

One more OPAM this month and this was one of my NewFO and my chosen project for A lovely year of finishes and of course, one more of my Finish Along Q4.

Linking to A lovely year of finishes.

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