Friday, 29 July 2016

Laptop bag remake

About 5 years ago I made a laptop bag with fabric from IKEA for the outside and a tea towel for the lining. I didn't use a pattern and used what I had on hand for hardware etc...

 and the trouble was that the strap was soft and narrow and not solid enough for the laptop so it broke quickly...
I have been meaning to fix it for a long while and just couldn't find the energy. Finally, I recently grabbed the bag and took it all apart back to the "shell"... quite an achievement in itself as I hate unpicking.

I cut the flap off (I had tried to make it all in one piece but it didn't quite work) and attached it back to the bag using one of my favorite ribbon to cover the seam
I used velcro for the faastening instead of the hardware that just didn't work there

And finally used a large webbing for the strap that is much more solid and appropriate for the bag.
In addition, while the bag was torn apart I used some Vilene S520 Firm interfacing for the body of the bag and it is so much more rigid now, perfect for a laptop. But because of the stiffness in the bag with the interfacing, I thought it would be hard to turn through an opening so I used some left-over binding from my barrel bag for the top of the bag, perfect recycling project!

I must say I love how this bag has turned out now that it is modified/remade/improved.
And this is my last OPAM for July and one more off my Finish Along Q3 list.


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