Monday, 20 March 2017

A new project...

This week has seen the start of the Long Time Gone quilt-along. run by Angie and Nicole. I love Jen Kingwell patterns, I have now quite a few in my collection, some I have (only just) started so a quilt/along sounded like a good idea (of course, that's if you ignore the crazy timeline it is run by, but who cares about that!) Sure I won't be able to keep up, but why not at least try :-D
and I can tame some of my scraps too.... so it's all win of course!

Anyway too late, I have slipped and joined in!
The first 2 blocks are these Bow Tie blocks.... and tick they're done already!

Next week is a Square in a Square Star with loads of geese....
And after that, lots and lots of blocks.
Anyway 2 blocks for 350-block challenge this month


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  1. Do you ever have time for sleep :) Good luck with the new project xxx


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