Saturday, 18 March 2017

Easy sewing? Home deco

I had on my to-do list some pillowcases for the kids. Originally they were planned for their birthdays but that never happened...

The fabric has been sitting there for a while, waiting for the right time. And earlier this week, I thought it was the right time! What can be more difficult or time consuming that 3 pillowcases?

Well not much, as long as you sew them correctly.... and out of 3, I managed to sew 3 incorrectly. Oh don't worry. I made 3 different mistakes.... so I left them on the side and threw them in the washing machine....

and finally this afternoon, I got back to them... I thought long and hard at how I needed to fold the fabric, pinned it and tried to turn it inside out and... bang, finally I got it right!

Tonight all 3 kids will be sleeping resting their lovely head on their belated birthday present!

And that adds 3 OPAM to my list as well as one off my Q1 FInish Along list!


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  1. Well done. Good for you to persevere and get it done. Congrats on the finished UFOs. ;^)


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