Monday, 22 April 2019

Dear Jane - Row B

Second month of the quilt along calls for the second row of the Dear Jane quilt to be completed. Row B is not as advanced as Row A for me since I am missing 4 blocks: B9, B10, B11 and B13 but being away from home and travelling gives me some time for hand sewing...
B13 is most probably the easiest block from the whole quilt and interestingly, it is rather different from the others since it is using more than one fabric and no background fabric. 
I finished this block Sunday last week with its 9 pieces.
And assembled it with block B12.
I then worked on B11, which is a lot more complex with its curved seams and very sharp points. Finished is better than perfect for this one... definitely. This one had 21 pieces!
I finished B9 on our way back yesterday, this one has 13 pieces. 
 I added B9 to my B1-B8 row and noticed that B1 was the wrong way around... so fixed that too!
Now I only need B10 with its mini tiny triangles around the central plus sign to finish Row B!

I am really hoping to complete Row B this month and possibly to sew it to Row A but at the same time, there aren't that many days left in April!

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  1. Jane is such a journey! Thanks for sharing it on Wednesday Wait Loss. Love your colors.


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