Sunday, 18 November 2012

Going around in circles

In 5 days, we will be without a kitchen... and I don't know how long for. Hopefully as little time as possible, but who knows.... So yesterday afternoon our kitchen was transformed into a restaurant's one. I managed to cook about 12 meals to put in the freezer for the next few weeks when we will be left with just a microwave and a toaster more or less. Industrious cooking was and still is on the agenda before we pack up the whole kitchen ready for the new one to be put in. I am starting to run out of space in the freezer though so I think I am reaching the limits of what I can prepare. Anyway enough of that for now, let's get back to some fabric play!

Last night, I finished my first cushion with pipping. I had never been brave enough until now to add pipping to my cushion cover but I took the plunge last night and I am glad I did! I really like how it finishes off the cushion.
I made it for for the Modern She Made Swap. I didn't have a cushion insert big enough so my cushion looks slightly flat, until I took this picture at an angle of the quilting where it looks like there is a peak in the middle!
I had pieced the star a little while ago, using the same twisting star I used for the [3x6] Mini sampler quilt swap, I added a plain border to the star to frame it. And deciding to "go around in circles" to quilt it. I wanted to try a circular design for the quilting and quilt a big spiral starting from the centre of the block. This was my first try at spiralling and I really liked quilting it and also the way it looked once finished.
The back shows the quilting even more.
For the back of the cushion and the pipping I found a lovely turquoise Cotton Sateen (which has a lovely sheen not really visible in the picture) and which was exactly the right colour and I think a good weight for a cushion.
Now my little pressie can fly away to its destination and will be in the mail tomorrow. Fingers crossed that my partner likes it....
One more OPAM this month! It is past middle of the month but I am still hoping for a few more.


  1. good luck with the kitchen .. hopefully wont be too long x

  2. The Sunny Star Cushion is now happily sat on my settee and looks fantastic....Thanks Celine....I'm also very pleased with the colour, as not being white - it should stay cleaner longer!


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