Thursday, 8 November 2012

Super Mario quilt along linky party

Angela at Cut to Pieces is organising a linky party for the Super Mario quilt-along now that she has released all her 12 patterns. Check her blog or the Flicker pool for some great blocks and quilts.
Of course, I am behind making the blocks but I have finished a few that I have shown in the past. If you are new to my blog, I will present them again now and tell you how I did mine!

Angela used some water-soluble sticky Pellon foundation for her blocks (all details are on her blog) but this was rather expensive (especially in the UK) so I looked for alternative available here. I settled on some Fiorani washable, until someone in the discussion group on Flicker indicated that they were not using any foundation. So I decided to give it a go too! And it worked quite well I must say. I will try to explain the method I am using here:
1. Take the last square from row 2 and the last square from row 1 (right side together) and sew, do the same with the ones before last  and continue until you have sewn all the squares from your 2 rows together. DO NOT clip the thread between your squares. Press (or finger press) all your seam to one direction.
2. Take the last square from row 3 and add it to your previously sewn row. Continue until row 3 is sewn to rows 1+ 2. DO NOT clip the thread between your squares. Press (or finger press) all your seam into the opposite direction as before.
Once you have a few rows, this is what it will looks lik so that your seam will nest when you come to sew your columns together.
3. Continue the same process until you have all your rows sewn together. DO NOT clip the thread between your squares
You get an distorted block like this fat Mario
5. Now you only need to sew the columns as your block is "constructed". Sew one column after another and you will see your block shrinking progressively to its final size.

6. Press your block and you are done!
I hope my explanations make sense but if not, please ask!  

If you have lots of space, it is helpful to lay all your pieces and pick them as you go. If you don't (like me), I find it helpful to have my squares separated by colours in containers and the pattern next to me.

The first block I completed using this method was Luigi. For Luigi, I pieced my blocks in column starting from the bottom left corner and my block is a mirror image of the model!
Then I finished Goomba
and Cloud
I found a jumping Mario somewhere that I copied rather than using Angela's pattern for this one
and finally I created a Yoshi at the children's demand that wasn't in Angela's quilt
I have more blocks to do and some on-going (Fire Flower, Question Mark) but this might become a never-ending quilt I guess because the kids have also asked for Sonic
and Princess Peach...

Who will be next?
Hope you enjoyed playing with me! Check again soon for hopefully more progress...
I am linking this post to Angela's linky party before it is closed!

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