Monday, 18 November 2013

I have been spoiled!

Last week was my birthday, yes another year has passed! I have been very busy in the kitchen to cook cakes for work, for home and for our childminder the day before but I was spoiled when I came home from work with some lovely presents. My friend gave me a lovely hand-painted mug which I really love

and my DH bought me a stack of books which should keep me busy for a while
reading for the holidays
ideas to keep me busy on the way to the holidays!
lovely projects in this one but I am not sure I'll see it often as it seems Miss Strawberry Shortcake has already claimed it as (almost) her own.

 and also some Clover templates.

 I have never used Clover templates before so I can't wait to try. They should come in handy for fussy cutting.

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