Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Back to 365

After months lurking in the corner of my sewing room and the medaillon staring accusingly at me from my design wall, I have finally picked this up again. Oh yes, I am months and probably over 100 blocks behind but never mind, eventually I will get there (she says... ever so hopeful!)

I assembled the medaillon and the first border before the summer and haven't touched it much since.

I have the next borders ready but for the 4 corner blocks that were realised in.... April (oops!) I read so many comments about how difficult these were that maybe that put me off! Anyway, I decided to finally give them a try one by one and I must say they weren't as bad as I feared!

Back to fiddly blocks (6') with lots of tiny pieces and even some Y-seams (ooooh).

All ready to finish the second border and grow the medaillon a little.

And here is the center piece!

The next border is made of 2 rows of 3' blocks and I believe (hope) that I have all of those sewn already (we made those at the beginning of the year while I was still more or less sewing along). Hopefully I can add that next border soon as well and then concentrate on all the blocks I have to catch up with (and there's loads!). But in the meantime, I just made one little 3' block just for fun! One with 7/8' squares and HST, bordering insanity...  it didn't come out too bad after all.

Those 4 corner blocks and the tiny 3' block take my total for this month to 34, above the target for the month!
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  1. I am so far behind,
    I have decided this is a two year mission instead. Best of luck with catching up.


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