Sunday, 30 July 2017

New quilt-along...

I know, I know, I only finished one on Friday. But then, Angie and Nicole are doing it again, with another pattern by Jen Kingwell and one that I have in my stash anyway. So really I have all the reasons to join in.. This time, we will be making the Gipsy Wife quilt. And to my defense I planned to join a quilt-along last year but I never got started so.... now is the time I think.

The quilt-along starts officially on Thursday 3 August and finishes early January so I thought it would be good to be organised, what with work, holidays and then Christmas.

I made the first few blocs today:
Colour Wheel, not my usual colours but I like it

Pershing, another one not in my usual colours

and From the Heart

And of course I now have 3 more blocks for July, taking my total to 37 blocks.



  1. NOOOOO.....I have long had this quilt pattern on my wish list. So tempting and so much else to do. But I feel myself crumbling.

    1. Come to the dark side Judy! We have fabric! ;)

  2. And this is how we get you... ;) Loving these blocks! I think after the pace of the LTG people will find this one a nice palette cleanse and an easy way to tackle what can be a daunting pattern. Looking forward to seeing it come together!


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