Sunday, 10 June 2018

Kielo dress

I have seen so many of these dresses on Instagram  but when I looked at the pattern I must admit that I couldn't see the appeal really. I just didn't see how the pattern would look good on me. As the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge was announced and the Kielo dress by Named Clothing being one example of a wrap dress, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try it. So I bought the pattern and digged in my stash for a jersey I bought cheaply a while ago with no specific plan (quite usual really). I then realised that I only had 2m of fabric and the pattern was calling for more. The dress is very long and with the wrap, the pieces are huge but anyway I managed to squeeze the pieces on my 2 meters so I was happy about that.

I cut the pieces last month and put the dress together quite quickly (I must admit I was quite intrigued to see the end result). So when I got to the wearable (but not finished stage) and realised that yes it would fit, I parked it before I did the finishing/hemming. Not sure why really apart for the urge to try another new pattern. And also maybe the fact that I was a little square about the binding and messing it up. Anyway, I finally picked it up yesterday and decided that since I hadn't sewn all week more or less, it would be nice to make progress on this piece. And then decided that it would be even better to finish it and enjoy it today.

So with the motivation back, I stitched the binding on one arm hole first (I thought it would be less visible if I messed up than the neckline) and then the second. And finally I took a deep breath and went for the neckline too. With just the hem to finish, it didn't take long to have a new wearable dress. 

Verdict: it is such a comfy garment that I can see myself wearing it often. The long length is great but could easily be shorten as well. Although most people wrap the pieces at the front, I like them wrapped at the back too and this is how I wore them today. I think I would gladly make another one, it is simple enough and yet a lovely unusual piece!

And I must admit that I am really happy to have finished another garment, used up a piece in my stash and of course finished my One monthly goal well before the end of the month! And I am getting so much better with deadlines, I finished both my entries for the challenge with days to spare (last year I finished on the last evening!). And this is also one of my Q2 Finish Along and of course an OPAM for June.

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