Monday, 30 July 2018

Moxi shorts

Shorts have disappeared from my wardrobe years ago but with the recent heatwave, I wish they hadn't . I guess I felt too self-conscious to wear them, even to exercise. I recently ordered a pair online and it was so nice to wear them for fitness when it has been boiling hot. So on a whim, last Sunday I joined Sarah's Moxi shorts sew-along. Fabric was promptly ordered on Monday morning so I grew more and more frustrated when it didn't turn up until Saturday...
I started cutting the shorts Saturday afternoon and managed to complete Day 1 and 2 of the sew-along. The bias binding made me a little anxious but  Sarah's video is so clear that it came together very easily. The compression shorts are a great add on because the shorts are indeed .... short.

With the bias binding on and the the compression shorts assembled, just the waistband was left to finish my first pair of (Moxi) shorts. 

Bonus point, the side leg pocket on the compression shorts fit my (rather large) phone, just! I know I could have checked before cutting etc but I only tried this morning :-)

And here it is, one more finish (that wasn't on my list, oops!) and one more OPAM for July! Of course the heatwave is gone for now so it is indoor photos until I test them in real-life running outing!


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