Sunday, 3 March 2019

Dear Jane sew along

It's funny how things go sometimes. I haven't touched my Dear Jane for such a long time but decided to get all the blocks out early February to touch base with it, in the hope to rekindle my love and finish it... one day. And I think it worked! Once I laid out all the blocks I was in love again! Not that I have done any sewing on it since! And then a Dear Jane quilt-along came up on Instagram, starting in March. What a coincidence really, I can't let that opportunity to work on such an old UFO go, surely?

So for now here are what I am starting from, made years and years ago... I started my Dear Jane in 2004 and everything so far has been hand sewn. I have 122 of the 169 blocks necessary, only 7 triangles, and none of the corner
Row A is only missing A1 and A2
Row B is less advanced with only 9 blocks out of 13
Row C has only 8 out of 13 blocks
Row D  11 out of 13
Row E 9 out of 13
Row F with 10 out 13
Row G is one of the least advanced one with only 7 blocks
Row H 9 out of 13
Row I is the least advanced with just 6 blocks
Row J is only missing 2 blocks
Row K has 10 out 13 blocks
Row L has 10 out of 13 blocks too
Row M has 11 out of 13 
Top Row - only 2 out of 13
Right Side - 3 triangles
Bottom Row - only 2
Left Side - 0!

Still some work to do of course but I was pleased to see that I have actually already done a lot.


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