Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Book bag

With soooo much faux leather stash to play with, the kids have been spoiled for choice when it comes to pick colours and ideas for their teacher's gift. My youngest picked this lovely apple green to make a bag for her teacher who is sadly leaving the school. She also picked the grey patterned one for the handles and I had this lovely dwarf print in my stash which worked perfectly well with the green. 
I had cut all the pieces about a week ago, hoping that it would be an evening make but the evenings disappeared before I could get started. My initial plan was for a straightforward book bag but in the end, I decided that it would be better to box the corners so I did just that, cutting a 1.5' off the bottom of each piece of fabric before sewing.
I used 2 strips of fabric for each handle that I placed wrong side together and sew each side plus one line in the middle. Construction was quite easy. I made the handles, the outside bag, the lining, leaving a big gap in the bottom. 
I then placed the outside bag inside the lining, right sides together and attached both bags at the top.Turned everything to the right side before top stitching at the top (keeping all in place with lots of clips) 
I then attached the handles to the bag, 2.5' from the side seams. Et voila, a lovely book bag that I will gift but would happily keep for myself!
One OPAM for July and one off my Q3 FAL :-)
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