Friday, 11 October 2019

Digging deep in the UFO box

When I made the Hello Kitty quilt for my daughter 3 years ago, I cut squares for 2 quilts with the idea of making one for my niece.  Of course that never happened because there's not much fun making 2 identical quilts one after the other. adding to it that my niece wasn't so much into Hello Kitty after all, motivation was quite low. So I parked my box of little squares for later.... and that later finally arrived last weekend, when I got the box out and started cutting out the missing blue pieces
I started ploughing through the blocks at the weekend, with a little help for my daughter who has been preparing the blocks to speed me up! And I got to just over half way yesterday. I was hoping to be a lot further, a lot quicker but I always seem to have too ambitious timelines....
Anyway the plan is to finish the top before my next business trip so that I can quilt it on my return and gift it the following week. Nothing better than a tight deadline to keep me focused....



  1. So cute!! First pixelated quilts take a lot of time, so setting aside the second one didn't surprise me! But it certainly was worth digging it out and doing it again!

  2. Oh so cute! And nothing like a deadline to keep focused

  3. Very cute, but tedious so I don't blame you for putting it away until you had more of a reason to make it. You'll get this done soon and be rewarded by the grateful recipient. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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