Saturday, 1 May 2021

May goals

Let's try again, I doubt it will keep me focused but who knows.... 


1. Super Mario quilt - need binding!

2. Halo quilt sew along - I need to cut the arcs to be able to continue
Boho Heart quilt-along - I am so behind on this one...
4. Snowflake quilt-along - needs binding,  this will be my One monthly goal

5. Modern HST triangles -  I have 23 blocks completed and not enough background fabric to make the 24th block from the pattern. Decide what to do with this 5 year old UFO - I think I have a plan!! Watch this space...
6. 365 challenge - No progress at all in March or April...
7. Fandom in Stitches quilt along - I now have 5 blocks, I need more and there were a few from March and April that I'd like to make.


1. PJ for C NEW
2. PJ for M NEW
3. Morgan Jeans - cut
4. Blouse 
5. Knickers
6. Utility coat
7. Nautilus swimsuit

1. Moonwake handbag 
2. Halo sling 
3. Closet case pouf 
4. Earpod pouch

1. Grimm's Tales stitch along
2. Nutcracker 



  1. Exciting month aheas of you with all your beautiful projects on the go.

  2. Oh la la, ça en fait des objectifs pour le mois ! De quoi te tenir occupée ;-)


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