Monday, 13 January 2014

Farmer's wife sewing day

On Saturday we had our first virtual sewing retreat with the ladies from the Lazy Bums and it was really fun (and productive too!). Although we were on different timelines, we still manage to chat and keep each others going. I didn't do 24 hours of sewing but I started Saturday about lunch time and squeezed as much sewing time as possible until midnight, while also cooking for the family, overseeing the homework, looking after the 3 kiddos for a while and doing a little bit of cleaning and ironing. Anyway over the 12 hours or so, I managed to redo 12 of my Farmer's Wife blocks. I know it isn't that much when there is 111 to do but I think it is great progress and I was very happy to be able to complete 12 in a day.
I unpicked all the blocks I had already made and reused the pieces where possible to make my new blocks. I must say I much prefer the new blocks with a solid background fabric.
So here are my original and the newly made blocks (for those that are remakes):
[2] Autumn Glory
[4] Basket Weave
 [9] Box
[10] Bowtie
[16] Calico Puzzle
[20] Churn Dash
[21] Contrary Wife
[41] Friendship Star
[70] Prairie Queen
[72] Railroad
[73] Rainbow Flower
[81] Snowball
And my 12 new blocks together
giving me a grand total of 15 blocks so far!
I will be having a Linky Party for the Farmer's Wife blocks at the end of the month so we can all cheer on each others so if you have any pictures to share, pop back again.


  1. I love your new blocks! Very productive!

  2. The new blocks are great. Much easier to see the pattern

  3. love the new blocks. THe solid background is far better than the patterned. The design really stands out now

  4. Great blocks! I love the addition of solids. I can't imagine doing 12 blocks in a single day though. Congrats on getting so much done.


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