Sunday, 7 April 2019

Panda pyjamas

I finally got my overlocker yesteray after over one month out of action. Of course I had to try it out again straight away! Since I had cut so many pieces of fabrics and quite a lot of jersey over a month ago, there was some material ready to be sewn together. I had a pair of pyjamas all cut out for my youngest and picked this one first. The top is made of a lovely jersey with pandas I bought at Fabrics Galore a few weeks back. 
The bottom is a plain black jersey and I used a light grey ribbing I had bought for another project for the cuffs and waistband, it worked really well with the print I think.

I used the same 11th hour gear pattern that I have used so many times now.... well worth the investment!

The full pyjama was all done last night, just in time for some snuggles with her baby panda!

This one is definitely my last Q1 FAL, squeezed just before the end of the linking time.
And of course one more OPAM for April.
Linking to Whoop Whoop Friday.


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