Tuesday, 22 May 2012


If you are arriving over here from the Blogger's Quilt Festival, welcome. My entry is further down on this page. You can nominate quilts from today until the end of the week.
I am a swap addict and can't resist taking part in many (too many?) virtual groups that I find on Flicker or on blogs. Maybe it is because I am not involved in a local bee or something similar. Over the last week or so, I have made quite a few different blocks for the May Bees.
Cara sent us fabric to make her a "Rocky Road to Kensas" block for Bee Europa 2012. The bee started again in May so Cara was our first Bee Queen. I love the fabric she has sent!  have sent her the block back and she has received it already as she doesn't live that far from me.

My 2 sets of 2 Basket Weave blocks for the Bee Weave it or not! another bee started in May are finished. I really like the look of the blocks, which are paper-pieced.
Melanie asked for spring colours in her blocks
and Solidia wanted bright green, turquoise, aqua, grey and black and white prints in the centre. A lovely combination I think
I love how these blocks turned out and can't wait for my turn! which will be in October.

I have added my border for round 2 of the Mini Modern RR but because this is a mystery Round Robin I can't really show you, can I? I can only tease you and tell you I have added a twist to the previous round with a lovely aqua fabric from Amy Butler. Do you want to see it? Here is a preview! It will all be revealed when the round robin is over in October/November.

Finally I received one lovely block back from Suzanne for Bee Europa 2011 that finished last month (I was last on the list)
and these 2 blocks from Miriam
And this morning I have received the 2 blocks for the middle row from Cara. There are bigger in size than the others and I will use them to frame the bigger Maisy picture.

Now that I have a couple of blocks back, I have finished sewing the first row for the Maisy quilt.
I am still missing quite a few blocks, I know some are on their way to me. I really like the look of that first row and Miss Strawberry Shortcake was very excited to see it too!
It was great to work on so many different projects.


  1. Your Maisy quilt is looking great already. I can't wait to see the whole thing!!

  2. I really like your bee blocks. If ever I get caught up on projects I might join one myself. And your sneak peak of the Mini Mystery Round Robin is great.

  3. You have been busy with blocks!!
    The Maisy quilt is going to be so cute - can not wait to see it finished.

  4. Very cute. Where do you find swaps? I keep trying to find good ones and am having now luck. I also tried starting one - http://trelacreativity.com/coffeehouse/index.php?topic=98.0

    But so far have had a disappointing start to it.

  5. your bee blocks are just amazing! You put so much work into your blocks. The maisie blocks are so adorable. They are going to make a gorgeous quilt.


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