Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Let's talk about binding...

How boring you might think? Well I am not about to write a tutorial about binding or compare different techniques but just to showcase one of my quilt with a different binding for Val's Archive Tuesday this week. As soon as I read the theme, I knew which quilt I would pick. But because this is one of my pre-blogging time quilt, I am writing about it now, a nice occasion for me to look back on a quilt I made a long time ago.

10 years ago my Grand-Mum turned 80 and I decided (just a few weeks before her birthday) to make her a quilt, as you do. I had found a lovely pattern in Magic Patch for a log cabin medaillon with an applique border. Log Cabin is one of my favorite block I must say! The quilt was made in red and green and when I went shopping for fabric (I hardly had a stash in those days, ah ah ah - not sure what went wrong after that!) I must say it was difficult to find red and green without falling into the Christmas theme. Anyway, I selected a nice stack of fabric and starting piecing my log cabins straight away. I worked on my applique border any time I had a chance, taking it with me to Denmark for the Fanoe quilt festival I attended to meet Brenda Papadakis and take a few Dear Jane classes with her (where I learnt how to do needle turn applique) and finished the quilt top in a few weeks.
I kept my quilting quite simple I must admit but I hadn't made that many quilt by then and all the negative space was too intimidating for me.

And to finish this quilt, I used a lovely prairie point binding which I really really like. I like how the prairie points finish the quilt while adding to it. I like that you can reuse all the fabric you have used in your quilt. I like how it frames the quilt with just a little zest of fantasy.
The quilt was finish in about 6 weeks which wasn't bad for a nearly beginner, although I didn't have the distraction of children at the time! 10 years later, my Grand-Mum still displays my quilt proudly on her bed and sleep under it every night. Now she will turn 90 this year, maybe it would be time I think about her birthday present.
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  1. I want to make a prairie point border!!! Thanks for the inspiration. And I especially just love that your 90 year old grand mum sleeps under every night!!! The idea of that just started my day with a smile!

  2. what beautiful colors, delicate but complimentary.
    LeeAnna Paylor
    Not Afraid of Color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

  3. WOW this is gorgeous.
    Do you have a pattern? I would love something like this

  4. It is very beautiful Celine!


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