Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Triangles, triangles and more triangles

As soon as everything was put away on Sunday, I picked up my piles of triangles again to finish my rows as randomly as possible to make 12 rows of 17 triangles. After I sew all my 204 triangles into rows, I played with them again and again until I got to this arrangement which (I thought) was pleasing and also didn't have any triangles touching the same one, and that was a real challenge, I also wanted all the birdies to be head up!

And yesterday I finally tarted to sew my rows together. I started without using pins but after having to unpick a few seams to have my points matching, I started using pins. There has been a certain amount of unpicking but this is it now, I don't think it is too bad (if I say so myself :-) ), no more unpicking.

Now I have a flimsy and I have the backing fabric ready too! At the moment, I am not planning to square my quilt but to keep the zig-zag. I might come to regret it later when I come to sew the binding on.

Next step, free motion quilting, not sure how yet though. Any suggestion?
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  1. Beautiful job on your Triangle QAL flimsy. The colors are lovely and it looks pretty displayed on the garden bench.

  2. Great quilttop, love the colours and the layout.
    I would guess if you sew on the binding by hand it could work.
    I'm always getting myself in these trouble situations as well, because I want things to look my way and most of the times it works better than I expected, so do what you want to do, it will work.

  3. You can always square it after the quilting can't you? Lovely blues

  4. Gorgeous! The colours remind me of the sea, so I would quilt it with curvy waves.

  5. Love the colors you chose.

  6. Looks wonderful. I love your colors.
    Greetings GRit


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