Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March in review, goals for April

Another month is over, where does the time go? Let's look back at my over ambitious list and see what I have crossed off
1. Finish off my items for the Sewing Room swap - done, sent, received!
2. Catch up on my Simply Solids blocks (December) - done, sent
3. Make my Siblings Together 2 blocks (February March) - 1 for February and all March blocks (finished last night!)
4. Inchy Hexie swap (March) - done, sent
5. Block for the Lotto -none
6. Beads on a string blocks for Mod Mod Along - none
7. Start my You've got Mail wall hanging for the NewFO challenge - 4 envelopes and 2 pencils done
8. Finish my cat quilt - top is pieced but still need quilting - This was my chosen project for this month for the challenge from A lovely Year of Finishes.
9. Finish Maud's bag - Lazy Bums challenge for March - not touched
10. Catch up on my + and x blocks - none
11. Make 10 Farmer's Wife blocks - none this month sadly
12. Finish the central medaillon of my Midnight in the Oasis - no progress
13. I love Lucy international block (March)  - done
14. Stash Bee crazy block (March) - finished last night

15. Wonky star for the Little Blog Bee (March) - done
16. Bee Europa blocks (March) - done
17. Join the Triangle Quilt Along - fabric picked

350 blocks challenge - 30 this month (with 7 finished last night especially to meet the challenge, yeah!)

And a little mosaic of my March makes
1. Bee Europa 2. Get Your Hex On 3. Inchy Hexie Swap 4 and 5. Sewing Room Swap 6. Little Blog Bee 7. I love Lucy International 8. Siblings together 2 9. Stash bee 10-14. You've Got Mail 15. Once Upon a Time cross stitch Sampler 16. Cat Quilt top

And now for April
1. Make my Siblings Together 2 blocks (February x 1, April x 2)
2. Inchy Hexie swap (April) - 
3. Block for the Lotto
4. Beads on a string blocks x 10 and Star Cross x 3 for Mod Mod Along
5. Finish off my blocks for the You've got Mail wall hanging - need 4 more envelopes
6. Finish my cat quilt
7. Finish Maud's bag and my work bag- Lazy Bums challenge for March and April
8. Catch up on my + and x blocks 
9. Make 10 Farmer's Wife blocks 
10. Finish the central medaillon of my Midnight in the Oasis 
11. I love Lucy international block (April)  
12. Stash Bee  block (April) 
13. Wonky log cabin for the Little Blog Bee (April) 
14. Bee Europa blocks (April) 
15. Finish my quilt for Triangle Quilt Along - my NewFO challenge for April too
16. Continue working on my Once Upon a Time Sampler
I will pick #15 as the one item I would like to cross off my list as I am doing this one as a gift.

Linking to A lovely Year of Finishes, Fresh Sewing Day



  1. All your different blocks are wonderful, great work!

  2. Impressive todo list and a lot of very pretty finishes. Good job.

  3. Wow and I thought my list was long Celine!

  4. Whew! Your list makes me tired just reading it. Congrats on so many items crossed off and best wishes for an equally successful April.


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