Thursday, 28 December 2017

Lander pants

True Bias has released a lovely wide legs trousers pattern in September, and I knew straght away that I needed it, of course! There was also a sew-along in September for it, that I diligently started but then I got lost! Partly because we were away, partly because I got badly sick for a few days, partly because I have so much work at the minute.... anyway, I got to the point of making a toile in September and I used my final fabric for it. It fitted quite well, just a little on the bigger side on my hips but that's easier to manage that if it was too small!
Once I got to this point, I unpicked everything and started again but this time, following the instructions correctly and making the pockets etc. I found a gorgeous fabric in my stash for the pocket lining.
Once the pockets were on, next step was all about the fly. I bought some buttons for it as I couldn't find anything suitable in my stash.

And then next step was to assemble the trousers together
before adding the waist band and belt loops.

Finishing the hems and sewing the button was the final step before I could start to enjoy my new pair of trousers. And that step took a few weeks.... also because I needed a 4th button hole!

But now that my new pair of trousers is finally finished I have been able to wear and enjoy it and I love how comfy it fits me. I should definitely try to make more of these.

Another OPAM and another one off my Q4 FAL list


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  1. These trousers are a wonderful finish, especially given all the details required. They look great on you too. Thank you for joining the FAL, on behalf of the global FAL hosts.


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