Thursday, 1 February 2018

February goals

A short month, some birthday (and parties and baking (thrown in)... how much can I realistically do....

Hoping for finish
1. Dance bag for A - have gone as far as cutting the fabric - 
2. Dance bag for C - not started but it would be good to finish it at the same time as the other one more or less
3. Miss Ruby Tuesday dress - This will be my One monthly goal again - done

1. Farmer's wife 
2. Gipsy Wife - lots of catch up needed here 
3. Postcards of the world - 2 more postcards to draw and 1 to finish

4. Farmer's Wife 1930 - I have 19 blocks made so far so I'll try to continue with the new sew-along starting organised by Angie.

UFO / Abandoned WIP
1. HST modern sampler quilt - half way - this one is my February goal on the APQ UFO challenge, let's see if I can do anything to progress it
2. Dear Jane - aiming for 5 blocks  
3. Mischief blocks  
4. Project 48 / Summer Solstice  
5. Super Mario quilt 
6. Impromptu quilt
7. Bubbles quilt
8. Zodiac BOM

New Projects
1. Power trip bag 
2. Flora case
3. Jenna or Blackwood cardi black
4. Colette blouse 
5. Demoiselle dress for A
6. Imagine dress  
7. Kenda dress for me
8. Bubble dress for A
9. Faux leather jacket 
10. Trapezette dress for C
11. Lander trousers (silver) 
12. Passport wallet for me 
13. Gotham cape
14. Pyjamas/Nightdress for all the family 
15. Swingset skirt A 
16. Swingset skirt C 
17. Kyoto top
18. Pyjama M 
19. Pyjama A 
20. Nightdress C
21. Nightdress for me
22. Pyjama for hubby
23. Uvita top
24. Brasov top
25. Acacia underwear
26. Cadence court


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