Sunday, 23 September 2018

Free-motion quilting

After months packed away, the quilting frame finally came out earlier this month. And I am almost ashamed to say that it wasn't for a quilt originally but to quilt the lining of a future jacket. Anyway, out and used is good regardless of the project I guess!

I had bought some lovely Liberty fabric to use inside a Kelly Anorak and followed Lauren's path quilting it over some thinsulate fabric for extra warmth. I didn't want to quilt diamonds as I thought that would take forever and be rather boring to do. That's where the frame came very useful. I quilted an allover meander in a variegated King Tut thread. The piece I needed for my coat was done rather quickly.

 Since the frame was out, I took advantage of it to also quilt my bubble quilt that I had finished piecing together in March. Again I used a meander all over the background but not over the bubbles. Again I used King Tut thread for the quilting in a neutral (white?) colour.
With those 2 pieces quilted, the frame was put away... until next time which I hope won't be too far away. I felt nice to be quilting again.


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