Sunday, 29 December 2019

2020 Planning party

Time to make some new plans, time to rationalise or time to dream big? Either way I always plan more than I have some time for and I am not sure I'll be able to get better at that in 2020. 
In terms of quilting projects for 2020, I am dreaming of those:
  • New projects:
2. Baby quilt
3. Sewing Studio banner
4. Luminous quilt maybe?
5. Peek Into Batiks maybe?
  • WIP
1. Vintage kitchen quilt along
2. Dear Jane
  • UFO
1. Farmer's Wife (not half way yet....)  
2. Farmer's Wife 1930 - only 24 blocks done
3. Scrappy strips quilt -  top sewn together, just needs quilting now 
4. Blue and purple quilt - this one is for my Auntie and I'd like to gift it this year....
5. Harry Potter quilt 
6. Horse quilt 
7. Threadology quilt
8. Gipsy Wife (in progress) - I have fallen off the band wagon again.... 
9. Enchanted Stars
10. 365-challenge - so many blocks still needed!
11. Kingfisher quilt - a portable project, as long as I prepare before I go.... 
12. Modern HST triangles - only one block left to do now 
13. Project 48 quilt + few Solstice challenge blocks 
14.  Impromptu quilt - abandoned so long ago... I dream of having the quilt on my bed next summer... 

As for dressmaking projects, I have a few UFO that I would very much like to finish>
1. Quadra jeans for hubby
2. Fumeterre skirt
3. Sirocco jumpsuit
4. Jasika blazer

And some new projects I would really like to make but I am sure this list is ad libitum!, just to list a few:
1. Dress for my daughter's first communion (for me)
2. Shirt for me

3. Work top
4. Trousers for me
5. Hooded outerwear (weaver jacket maybe?)
6. Sweatshirt
7. Jersey dresses

Now I couldn't finish this port before going back to my same post from one year ago to take stock.

In December last year, I wrote down that I was hoping to:
  • achieve a better balance between dressmaking sewing and quilting - Not sure that's really been successful but I finished 4 quilts in 2019 and made blocks for more.
  • take stock of my stash and supplies and start to sort out all my sewing/quilting supplies as well as purge those that I know I'll never use. - Again I have not really managed that but I have started at least, I haven't added (too much) to my physical stash and I have even purged/sold some stuff... I know I can do much more
My list for 2019 was of course far too ambitious... no surprises there!New projects:
1. Jen Kingwell mystery quilt 2019 - I never started this one and will not do it so this one is off the list now.

2. Harry Potter sew-along organised by Lorna - I have just under half of the blocks made, it needs to be finished and is now on my UFO list.
3. Quilt for my cousin's 40th - not sure which pattern yet...- this one is finished and gifted and used some blocks from swaps/bees I was in years ago!
4. Cadence court quilt - not even started!

1. New pair of Ginger jeans for me - 
not even started!
2. New jersey dresss x 2 - one out of two (Christmas dress)
3. Shirt for me, Kalle or other patterns? none
4. Shirt for hubby 
5. PJ for whole family almost, all but me

6. Cardi one Blackwood done
7. Lingerie a few pieces done
8. Skirts for me: Salida and Fumeterre? x 2 - only cut the Fumeterre
9. Kyoto top finished!

10. Handbag for me 2 completed!

1. Scrappy trip quilt for my brother - started in 2018 - finished and gifted!

2. Quilt for my Auntie - started in 2007 - no progress
3. 365 challenge - started in 2016 - a few more blocks but not many
4. Gipsy Wife - started in 2017 a few more blocks but not many
5. HST modern sampler quilt no progress
6. Moda string along with string blocks from 2012 - blocks assembled into a top, ready for quilting
7. Impromptu Quilt from 2013 no progress
8. Hidden agenda quilt x2 - started in 2018 no progress

Mixed results of course but then I added so many other projects throughout the year...

Linking to 2020 Goals Setting.



  1. I hope you have a great 2020 and have a lot of joy as you work on your goals!

  2. That is quite an impressive list...good luck with it.

  3. That's an epic list!!!! I'll be following your progress 👏


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