Sunday, 22 July 2018

New quilt-alongs

Do I need a new project? I know I hear you laughing... of course I do not. Will I start a new project? Of course I will not (whisper: well maybe I will!) In any case, I'll help whoever might be reading my blog with a public announcement! There are 2 new quilt-alongs that I am considering at the moment.

The first one is a Dresden quilt one. It starts on 8 August and honestly, it does look so good, doesn't it? One block a week for 26 weeks, how difficult can that be? Head over to Susan's website to find out more!

The second one is as much a quilt-along as a UFO busting challenge in my case...  so I would definitely need to join! Angie is starting a Farmer's Wife quilt-along on 24 August 2018. I started this project over 5 years ago with the aim to make the quilt for my mother's 60th birthday and of course this didn't happen.... So maybe I can finish it for her 70th...
I am sure I will not keep up with the rhythm of this one (as I have magnificently failed the 2 editions of the FW1930 quilt-along) but any new block is a baby step forward to a finish quilt!
Will you join me in stash busting, UFO creating? :-)


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