Monday, 29 June 2009

A day of finishing things

Today was a catching up day when I finished a few things that I had started this month. First I finished the hem on the skirt I am planning to wear at the wedding on Saturday. I had the black skirt below that I wanted to jazz up a bit. I have removed the black panels in the skirt to replace them with some red ones, using some fabric I had bought in India a while back.
From here:

to there

I then decided to be adventurous and to make a top with the panels I had recovered from the skirt. I have used the same red fabric for the straps. This is the final result which I find slightly too plain or maybe boring. So I have bought some lace, organza and net this week-end and will try to add a few bubbles to the top. Watch this space for more!

I've also finished this month BQL challenge, which is due by tomorrow. Just in time. I had completed the top at the beginning of the month and had left it aside for later. It is now done. A fun one to make with the 3-D element. The blue fabric is a lot brighter than on this picture, it is more in keeping up with the sky colour we have at the moment.

Finally, I have finished Charlotte's hairband for the wedding on Saturday. She will be wearing a navy and white skirt and T-shirt so I have made a navy polka dot flower that I sew on a white hairband. I made the flower using in part Arlette's tutorial. I don't think Charlotte will wear the hairband for very long on Saturday, especially if the weather is as hot as it is currently but never mind, this is her first hair ornament to attend her first wedding!

Time to go to bed as I have a lot more to finish off tomorrow!


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