Saturday, 27 June 2009

A father's day present

The brioche lived to their expectation and we had a nice breakfast this morning!

I made some cufflinks to my DH for Father's Day (2 pairs) but hadn't blogged about them or even posted a picture in case he found out before the day. It was the ideal present as we were away on holiday, so it was easy to pack and take with us alng with the 2 cards Maxime made for Daddy (one at playgroup and one with Mummy). Daddy didn't even found out before the Day!

I ordered some Scrabble tiles and dictionary pages on Pat's Artfire shop. I then selected 2 words that I thought were appropriate for my hubby on the dictionary pages I received. It was very good to get pages from an English/French dictionary, very relevant to us! I stuck the page on the back of the tiles and then cut around before covering it with Diamond Glaze to have a glass effect on the tiles. I didn't a second pair printing vintage maps from "important" places. The glaze has taken the sharpness of the map out slightly but the result is not bad though. I just couldn't get a sharp enough picture to post here but you can get the idea with the picture below.

OK time to go back to the carnival to pick Maxime and Daddy up from the playgroup float. I am going to brave the heat again.

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  1. HI Celine - thanks for stopping by my blog... My birthday's not actually in June, it's a swap and my "birthday" month for the swap (i.e. the month I get my blocks) is June. My actual birthday is November...

    As for the BQL challenge, yes, it's on my to-do list for tomorrow!


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