Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My hens are fused!

I have finally managed to find some time to play with fabric again! Yeah...
While watching TV last night I have managed to finish fusing my hens for my grand-mum's quilt. Ready to be sewn now.
I have also managed to start the block for June BQL. The top is nearly done. Need to add the outside borders so a picture should hopefully follow soon-ish.
And I have started to reorganise my stash in the boxes I bought in IKEA last week since the shelves are already up on the wall. Thanksfully I have my lovely son's help to unfold and refold the fabrics to put in the boxes. What would I do without him really. Pearls of wisdom from a 3-year old lovely boy: "I am helping you very well with your fabric Mummy! No, don't take that fabric it's mine. No I can't get ready for dinner Daddy I am helping Mummy with her fabric"

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  1. Hi, I found your blog on Quilting Bloggers. I love the motifs on your header at the top of your blog. What are they? Did you design them yourself? They're absolutely awesome!


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