Friday, 26 June 2009

Productive day? Kind of...

After the chore of food shopping this morning with 2 children, I spent a bit of time in the kitchen to bake some chocolate and some toffee brioches from the Bread book by Liz Herbert I had presented on my blog a few weeks back. I tried the recipe a few days ago but didn't have the right yeast so they ended up flat and heavy to eat. Not good. So I decided to try again after buying the right yeast and this time it seems to have worked. They look yummy anyway, we'll taste tomorrow morning for breakfast.

I have also worked on some sewing. We are going to a wedding next week-end and I need a 2-piece outfit to wear on the day. I have quite a few dresses in my wardrobe but can't wear those at the moment. I also had a boring plain black skirt that I have decided to try to customise with some dark red fabric that I had bought in India a little while back. I started to take the skirt apart a few weeks back but didn't post about it then as I wasn't sure where it was all going. The skirt is now nearly done, need to finish the hem. I have also reused the fabric I removed from the skirt to try and make a top. I am getting there with the top too so I should post a picture soon hopefully, unless it turns out to be a complete disaster in the end. Check back soon!
Good night for now.


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