Saturday, 2 March 2013

Friday night sewing

This week has been really difficult and I am for the first time in months back to working 4 days a week so I was in great need of a relaxing evening last night. What better way of relaxing that sitting in my sewing room and playing with my sewing machine.

I was planning a lazy afternoon today, doing more sewing but I got dragged into sorting out the garage while Miss Baby was having a nap. The 2 eldest were playing quietly, maybe too quietly while we were very productive in the garage. I know it is never a good sign when it gets really quiet... Anyway when Miss Baby woke up, DH went to pick her up and HORROR, he quickly discovered why they were so quiet... Mr Cars was trying his hardest to make Miss Strawberry Shortcake prettier than she already is. He dressed her with her new dress (wrong side at the front) and new cardigan that I bought for the few events we have coming up this year and then instead of doing her hair up with as many slides as I can found as he normally does, he decided he would be a good idea to cut her hair... So she now looks like a punk with her fringe and part of the side of her hair cut so short it looks like she had been shaved... while her hair is still long at the back. I suppose it was just a question of time before the back was cut off too... It isn't really pretty but then it is better than an accident, her hair will eventually grow again I suppose. It was quite a shock though. So much so that I have now decided to sit down and relax, I am really needing to now.

I keep the postman very busy at the moment as I receive blocks and packages almost on a daily basis. Yesterday I had my blocks back from Gabriella for Bee Europa 2012/2013 as I was Queen Bee in February. And March is Gabriella's month so she also sent her fabric. Gabriella has sent us an assortment of squares and background fabric to make a Great Granny Block with this tutorial from Lori. I thought I would give it a try last night and in the end I finished my 2 blocks ready to be trimmed.

which I did this morning.

My blocks are now packaged ready to fly back to Gabriella. I don't think I have ever been so fast as to do the blocks the day I receive them!

I also finished my blocks for Melissa for Bee White Black. Melissa choose some string blocks with a lovely aqua center using this tutorial

I really like her choice of fabric, it works very well.

More blocks to link to Jen's Building Blocks Tuesday.



  1. Hi Celine, I think it's a rite of passage for children - eventually there will be a hair cutting incident! The good thing is, that it will eventually grow out. Take some cute pictures, it will be a fond memory someday :)

  2. I just got my fabric from Gabriella too but am not as fast as you :) I agree that quilting is the best way to relax. Sometimes it's just hard to get started though. But once in front f the machine there's no stopping....


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