Monday, 4 March 2013

Wavy Dresden

Last week, I finally finished my blocks for the [4x5] Modern Mini Bee. I made my interpretation of the Wavy Dresden for my fellow bees. And because I left it to the last minute, I realised too late that I didn't have enough background fabric for 2 of my blocks. So I reorder some fabric that arrived mid-week and finished my blocks to send them off. I missed the deadline by just under a week sadly but at least all my blocks are on their way now! And I have also received all my blocks for this quarter from my fellow bees. I now have to sit out the next quarter, a great opportunity to look at the blocks I have so far and decide whether I need more for my quilt or not... if I get the time, that is!
Here are all the blocks together

 an orange and aqua on grey for Allegory
a red and purple on ash for Ella
an orange, blue and grey on snow for Erica
a yellow, blue and grey on white for Eva
a rainbow on grey for Veronica
And the blocks I have received for this round
from Ella
from Eva
from Allegory
from Erica
from Veronica

I suppose you will have guess by now that my choice of colours for this quilt is mainly pink with purple!


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