Friday, 22 March 2013

Triple zip pouch

Today is Miss Strawberry Shortcake leaving concert at pre-school... Where does the time go? Didn't she start just yesterday? I don't know it seems months go by so quickly these days. Anyway, I thought it would be nice for her to have a little token present for the lady who was her key contact. I had wanted to join in the Triple Zip Along on Flicker when Debbie ran it in January/February but of course that never happen. The idea at the time was to make a triple zip pouch during the Zip Along so it would be ready in great time for today. Well, good planning but I forgot to factor it the time or lack of in my case.

So on Wednesday night I pushed aside the Granny blocks I had been working on since the week-end to concentrate on trying to make a pouch or two! I prepared my 6 zips on Wednesday and cut my fabric pieces for one pouch. And then yesterday evening, I got on with the sewing/building of the pouch. Debbie's tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. Well of course there are zips to sew and that's not easy but with a bit of time and practice it gets easier. And to finish off the pouch, I used Marci's tutorial for another ending which works a treat. I am a visual learner so I always love tutorials with lots of picture and Marci has just done that. I added a strap to my pouch as I thought it could be convenient to have it as a wristlet. So here we are, one pouch done over 2 evenings.
It wasn't too difficult after all! I am glad I got around to try it, I might make more when I need a nice little pressie. And on top of that, I am so proud that I *finally* have one OPAM to report. I haven't been very productive in the OPAM department so far this year so at least my total won't be 0 again this month!
Off to the concert now, with my pouch!

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  1. So, so, so glad I could help! Your pouch is fabulous and I love the strap you added!


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