Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wavy blocks

It was so hot at the week-end that I was glad to spend some time in my sewing room as it is the coolest room in the house! I played with some solid fabric to make 2 wavy blocks for Alice for the Simply Solids Bee. I wasn't sure initially how well I would cope with the blocks she has asked for but in the end there were fun to make. First you cut the fabric free-hand, yes that's without your rotary cutter!
I used this tutorial that Alice had recommended to find out how to sew the strips together. And I must say it goes together quite easily in the end. I did a block in yellow/green

and one in pink/purple/blue


  1. Those are really cool. I like the movement in the blocks!

  2. A couple of nice blocks. The yellowy/greeny one looks really summery.

  3. Curves - scary! I will tackle them one day.....

    Really like how you've put the colours together in both blocks.


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