Friday, 31 January 2020

January Furtle

Is the first month of the year really over? How is that even possible?

Today is a particularly sad day... Today the UK is officially leaving the European Union, the outcome of that shameful referendum is now acted out. I can't get my head around the stupidity of this decision. I arrived in this country shy of 20 years, ready to discover, to start new adventures, to stretch out of my comfort zone. And now, nearly 20 years later, I have settled here and the rules are changing. I am no longer welcome, I don't belong, I am a foreigner, an immigrant... I could not vote in that referendum yet I am directly affected. This all feels like such an horrible nightmare I just want to wake up and realise it is not true.... sadly it is.

Enough about the politics, let's review this month creative adventures, it is always so much more fun.

I am so happy that I have finished my Vintage Kitchen quilt top this month. It needs quilting of course but at least I have made all the blocks now
I also finished my Row D for my Dear Jane quilt, which also makes me really happy, that's the fourth completed row now...
All together I made 11 blocks this month.

In terms of dressmaking, I used up some of my stash to make a Linden sweatshirt, a Lola sweater dress and a pair of PJ for hubby.

I also started my cross-stitch projects but didn't manage the full January clue in the Grimm Fairy Tale stitch along.

Quite a productive month overall, let's hope I can keep the trend in the shorter month to come.

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  1. Such pretty progress! Well done. So sorry for your feelings of displacement. It is a difficult time for so many of us all around the world. eHUGS!!!

  2. You have been so busy, what a good month!
    I am so sorry that you now feel unwelcome after all those years but please remember almost half the population voted to remain so I hope you will continue to feel at home in the UK.xx


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