Thursday, 18 June 2020

Calvin dress

When Kelly from True Bias released the Calvin Dress pattern at the end of the summer last year, I bought it straight away. It looked like the perfect sundress I was missing in my wardrobe. The sew-along started even before we were home from our holidays but I joined in as soon as we got back. I had this lovely lightweight floral fabric in my stash that was great for a summer dress.
I managed to cut the dress, to make the miles of binding (!) and to get started on the dress. And then, summer went away and I moved on to other projects... I finally retrieved all the pieces earlier this month and tried to make sense to where I have left it!
I wasn't so far off from finishing really and I finally did about 10 days ago. It is probably a blessing that I didn't rush to finish it last September, the pattern doesn't have pockets so I added one. Always useful to have a pocket in a summer dress I think. I used the 23+ pockets patterns and instruction by Waffle Patterns and it worked perfectly well.
To sew all the binding on the dress and for the tie, I moved my needle to the left so that the whole piece of binding could fit under the foot of my machine. That worked very well and helped to keep it all straight.

As soon as the dress was done, the weather turned to cold, windy and rainy.... But finally last week-end summer returned so I have been able to enjoy wearing this beautiful and comfy new summery dress. 
I love the details of the lingerie findings on the straps, it is such a beautiful touch. 
And of course, I used a lovely KATM label.

I am thinking of another one now, maybe a little shorter? Who knows, watch this space.
One OPAM for this month and one of my Q2 FAL list too.


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