Monday, 14 October 2013

Finally some progress

Yesterday was a very autumnal day here with lots of rain and not much sight of the sun. It was also the LMQG monthly meeting but I didn't attend because we have some poorly children at the moment at home. With a long day ahead and not much plans, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to quilt on my frame. Now my frame was put away about a year ago before our extension started and hasn't been used since. We had to dismantle it to store it away so the first step was to put it back together and remember how to use it, which I thought would be quick and easy.

Well it wasn't quick, it wasn't easy and it wasn't going very well. I kind of lost my patience, DH decided he wouldn't give up until it worked so after hours of trials and errors and 2 broken needles, I went to bed last night not having quilted one centimeter (and also very frustrated I must say), and I didn't feel like blogging yesterday since I had nothing to report (or at least nothing of interest!). The only sewing I managed in the end was those 2 hexie flowers for Geraldine for teh Hexie Inchy Swap while watching Downton Abbey.

So today I spent a little bit of time on the internet trying to understand what could be the problem and why I my needles were breaking. It turns out that they might have been breaking because I was moving the machine too quickly and therefore the thread was putting too much tension on the needle which was snapping. And the reason for the speed was that it was the only way the machine wouldn't miss (too many) stitches. Not a great way of quilting really! It turns out that the machine was skipping stitches because it was full of bunnies. So after a thorough clean and some trial off the frame today, I was brave and tried on the frame again!
And it worked! Yes it did, of course my quilting is not perfect but I can use the frame and quilt again and it does feel very very good! I am about half way through now and I am very pleased that it worked.

Today I also found a lovely block in my letter box. Svea has already done a block for my Siblings Together quilt and it is gorgeous.

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  1. Ah, I missed that the block has arrived. I am glad. I am very interested in hearing more about your quilt frame, since it seems to work with your home machine? Can you explain more about it? A blog post would be excellent :)


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