Tuesday, 23 October 2012

2 little peg bags

I don't want today to be only about depressing, horrible people preventing us to enjoy our hobby so I thought I'd also show you what I finished yesterday.
Earlier in the year I had made some peg bags out of a couple of tea towels. Not long after one of my friend was visiting and she liked my new peg bag and asked whether I could make her own or give her the pattern for her Mum. Well I didn't have a pattern so I decided it would be easier to make her one. I are meeting up next week-end with another one of our friend so I decided to make 2, one for each.

I got my stash of tea towels out at the week-end
found 2 kids coat hangers
and put together these 2 pretty peg bags last night, all bright and modern.

I like using tea towels for these because tea towels are made of thick cotton which will resist better if the bag stays outside in the rain or in the sun for a while. And you can find some pretty sets quite cheaply.
Well that's 2 more OPAMs for me this month, I am on a roll! I might even manage one or two more before 31 October, stay tuned!

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