Saturday, 20 October 2012

A day in pink!

The last few days have been quite productive for me, which always makes me feel good! and I have some finished things to show too, another feel good factor in the midst of the house extension project which has almost taken over our lives really.

I finished Miss Strawberry Shortcake ballet bag yesterday evening and she proudly showed it off this morning to her baby sister, after using it for her dance class.

I used this tutorial from Tiffany with a few modifications:
rather than leaving a gap inside the lining, I left it at the top of the bag when I sew together the outer bag and the lining so my bag is now reversible.

For the plaited handle, I sew the strips once folded so there are no raw edges at all and I sew the handles to the bag before turning it inside out.
And finally I applique the ballet shoes rather than stencilling them.

My second bag this week!

A few years back, Cathy gave me 2 embellished bodysuits for Miss Strawberry Shortcake when she was a baby. One of the ladies from school just a baby girl after 2 boys so I thought she would like a hint of pink (sorry the colours on the picture are awful...)! I prepared 2 body suits for her little darling daughter, one with her initial and one with a heart I cut out with my Sizzix die. All ready to be given away at the school gate on Monday!

Last night I also finished my key fob for my Mouthy Stitches partner, which I kept simple and in harmony with my bag, I used Essex linen in sand and the orange kitchen fabric from Makower, in true Zakka style. I hope my partner likes my parcel. I will send it over to her early next week.

And to finish with the pink, this morning I found this purple carrots called Witches nose in my local supermarket.  They are as purple as beetroot once you have peeled them.
And when you add them to your dish with rice, it gives it a lovely pink/purple colour and the taste is nice too!

A few more OPAMs in this blog post. I am hoping I can add to my list before the end of the watch this space.

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