Monday, 6 October 2014

Birthday present

Lidl had a special offer today selling interlock sewing machine for half their normal price. I found out on Instagram this morning, the power of social media!

My birthday is coming up (next month) so I texted hubby this morning to tell him I had found my next birthday present, to which he replied that this was a good idea :-) (I know I am lucky!)
As he was working away today I sent him the address of a few stores on his way back, hoping that he might find one. The first one he tried at about 3pm had sold out quickly as people were queuing outside the door in the morning for them. Apple watch out ;-)
He sent me a text to tell me the bad news and I must say at that point I wasn't really hopeful that he'd find one. Anyway he stopped in Coventry next and found one (the last one in the store) that he duly bought as well as plenty of thread that was on offer too!

He was happy for me to try out tonight but I will be a good girl and wait until my birthday to open the box and try it out. He even offered to buy something else for my birthday, but then, that would be greedy wouldn't it?

Now you might wonder why I though an overlock sewing machine was a good idea when I have never really sewn any clothes? Let say that I have been willing to try for a while, I have even been collecting fabric, patterns and sewing magazines. No excuses now, I will have to try it! Watch this space and hopefully a lot more next month!


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  1. I love my serger. I use it on all the edges of quilts before I bind them. It keeps the edges nice and neat.


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