Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Quilt idea

I need your help. My childminder will retire in just over a year, she has looked after all 3 of my children and helped raise them to be lovely independent and well developed children. To thank her for being such an important/positive/fantastic part of their lives and ours, I would like to make her a quilt but I am not sure what to make. She is a keen gardener and has a big allotment from which she regularly regales us with freshly picked fruits and vegetables. So I would love to make her something with a gardening theme. I know there is the Gardener's Journal quilt by Anni Down which has quite a lot of stitcheries and because of the stitcheries I am wondering whether this would be too big a challenge to take on. What do you think?

Do you know any good pattern that I could use maybe?
Thanks for your suggestions.


  1. I just made a quilt using a Garden Party fq bundle by Dear Stella. Maybe this would be an option? That way you can do a simpler/quicker pattern and still have the gardening theme. I shared the final quilt on my blog @ mochawildchild. Happy quilting ;)

  2. Much as she loves gardening, are you sure she would like that in her bedroom? Perhaps if you'd like to stick with the gardening theme, a kitchen set might be a better idea (table runner, cloth napkins, apron, mug rugs, place mats, pot holders, hot pads etc)...I'm an avid gardener and quilter myself and a garden theme wouldn't really complement my bedroom. Not that a quilt isn't nice and I'm not trying to be upsetting, I guess I just don't think of food as going in a bedroom. Have a peek in her resting place and see what schemes she liken to.

  3. I am making a garden quilt that has a lot of applique in it though. It is called In My Garden also by Anni Downs. You could easily do machine applique though. It was a BOM.

  4. Hi Celine
    The only comment I would make is one that a friend made to me - just because I love cats, keep cats, show cats and kennel cats doesn't mean I want a cat quilt! Perhaps it might be better to go along with the colours of her favourite flowers and then go a bit off piste with the design? Good luck with whatever you make - it will be beautiful!


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