Monday, 1 October 2012

Blogoktober fest

And now if you want another challenge, why not join Blogoktober fest 2012? I haven't joined before but I have taken the plunge this year. The main idea of the festival is to blog everyday in October. Will I manage that? I am not sure.

Blogtoberfest is an annual blogging festival and a wonderful opportunity to:

* challenge yourself to blog every day for 31 days
* discover kindred blogging spirits
* carve out a tiny slice of time each day to write and to read
* share any creative projects you have on the go
* host a giveaway, if you feel inclined to spread the love

This year, Blogtoberfest is hosted at I Saw You Dancing. There is still time to join the 200+ other bloggers who have signed up so far!
Happy blog-hopping and happy reading!

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