Monday, 15 October 2012

Old or new?

I suppose one of the advantage of having a boy as a first-born is that you can reuse a lot of the clothes for the following children. And of course that leads to be Miss Baby being complimented for being a cute little boy but who cares at 9 months? When you are a "Big Girl of 3" as Miss Strawberry Shortcake likes to put it, I guess it is a bit different. Hello Kitty, Fairy and Princesses are higher on the favorite list than tractors, cars and other trucks. And of course although she isn't pink-mad (yet?), it is more favored than brown or blue.
All of this to say that I had almost chuck Mister Cars old coat in a charity bag before I thought it was probably silly to buy a brand new one just for a question of style/colour. Raising kids is expensive enough! What about trying to make the coat more girly?
The jacket is a plain navy blue one with a red fleece lining.
This week-end I bought some cute red elephant buttons that Miss Strawberry Shortcake loved as soon as she saw them.

And today I removed all the plain navy buttons to replace them with red elephants. Like the effect?
She did!
I am thinking of maybe adding some applique to the back now.
Watch this space!


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