Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween quilting - WIP

These last few nights, I have been busy quilting my Halloween See-Saw top that I showed you on Monday as I would really like to have it finished before the end of the month so it doesn't go and join my long list of UFOs. And I am a lucky girl because my DH bought me the free-motion quilting bible from Leah Day.

If you read my blog regularly, you will now that I am in admiration with Leah's work and use her blog a lot lately to find inspiration for my quilting. Well I now have her book to marvel at all the design patterns.
I did find 3 designs which were particularly fitting for a Halloween quilt so I have been trying them out. The first one is Pumpkin Patch
the second is Cobwebs in the Corner - this one was stitched with the "Glow in the Dark" thread
and the third is Web Fill - again this one was stitched with the "Glow in the Dark" thread

OK if you look closely enough you will notice that my quilting is far from perfect, especially with the third stitch but never mind, I am happy I am practising on my lovely top. And then once it is finished and on the wall, I am sure nobody will (dare!) pointing out at my imperfection!

I was trying to take a picture in a dark room to show you that the thread actually glow in the dark but I didn't manage. It gives a nice spooky effect with all the cob webs!
The other projects I have been working on this week are the Basket Weave blocks for my fellow October bees.
I have also worked on the border I will add to the Modern RR which is finishing this month.
And I have also tried to finish off Cloud but I am not quite there yet!
I must say I have finished quite a few projects that were in my WIP list last week, which makes me feel good so my list this week is quite small!
I am linking to Lee for WIP Wednesday.

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  1. Both designs are great, I prefer the pumpkin one. The "glow in the dark" thread really fits to Halloween.


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