Tabor V-neck top

As soon as the Tabor V-neck top by Sew House Seven came out, I knew I wanted to make it. I duly bought the pattern and cut the fabric in May. I cut it out in the same fabric as my grey Kielo dress. Yes I know I said May... but sometimes it is the most little thing that stops us.... And in my case it was cutting and applying the interfacing... rather a small and easy task actually, which I finally decided to get on with earlier this month...
 And from then on, I was finally ready to start assembling the top. First step is to do the V-neck band which I wasn't sure would be easy but the explanations are really good and it goes together really well. Yes I had to unpick because of some puckering on the first attempt but it went well the second time. 
 Once the neck band is on,  the rest of the top is very easy!
And I left the bottom un-hemmed but hemmed the armsyces.
Now of course, this was to be a summer top and summer is gone but maybe that would work with a long sleeves T-shirt underneath!

One more OPAM and one of my Q4 FAL list.



  1. It looks awesome on you! Congrats on getting it done and off the list! And thank you for playing along with us during the 2018 FAL!


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